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Bacalhau is a fish that almost every Brazilian loves, but, not every location knows how prepare as well as the location presented in this post, Caneco Gelado domario_gallery2 Mario located in Niteroi.

The restaurant has been open for decades, and that we be quite apparent by the design of the business itself. However, do not let the aesthetic dissuade you from enjoying the food. This location probably has the best fried cod in all of Rio! The place is so packed on Friday nights, that they no longer take reservations because of the demands to get in. In fact, they do so well on Friday nights that the location is not even open on Saturdays.

Given its location, it is not surprise that it does very well with this type of food. Within walking distance is right where fishermen bring in the days catches. The restaurant is right in the middle of the best product that they need to make the amazing food that they produce.If you like fried cod, this is it! It does not get any better than what they produce. They have other good foods on the menu, but mostly everyone comes to eat their fried cod and drink beer. Now your author is not a beer drinker, but I can eat there fried cod all day. You can purchase it via the kilo uncooked (so you can freeze it or take it home and fright yourself) or you can buy it prepared and eat immediately.

Remember though, if you go, make sure you’re there early and by that, I mean around 5 PM. After 5 PM, you’ll be waiting for table! The place gets packed and you will drive yourself nuts waiting as you smell the locations delicious food.

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