Brazil Economy

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With all the conversation about BRIC Economies today, the subject of the Brazil Economy is only natural.


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Brazil is seen as a country that has an enormous amount of natural, human, and financial resources that can assist it as the global markets shift and fluctuate with regard to the ways that we have known them to be for the last 100 years.

In the investment world, BRIC economies are making tremendous headlines as they are seen as areas of the world where investors can truly make profits. As many other markets around the world have been exasperated, BRIC economies are very much only at the beginning! Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China has seen tremendous investments with in their markets over the past few years. As traditional markets such as the United States, and Europe begin to lose luster amongst investors due to be many finical and social challenges  within their economies, Emerging Markets seem to be having the opposite realities.

Foreign investors willing to take a chance in emerging markets seem to outnumber those that desire to take a risk in traditional markets of the past. In many of the emerging economies, there is so much room for growth in that investments within the areas of infrastructure, housing, transportation, education and also within many social areas still have to take place. In other words, the potential for growth is astounding!

With regard to the Brazil economy, the country fits within the same spectrum as well. Brazil has the largest single bus transport network in the world, and this fact is a positive about the country, but as more individuals gain education and access to single modal transportation choices such as the automobile, another type of mass transportation choice has to be comprehensively available to citizens. Their choices have to be larger than that of the automobile. Currently, the country is experiencing a wave of consumer credit, and this is providing power for many of the country’s citizens to purchase automobiles. This choice however is a negative one, and more needs to be invested in the areas of mass transportation.
In closing, the Brazil economy is extremely strong and vibrant, but it must be careful not to make certain mistakes like many other countries in the areas of credit! Be country needs to focus on areas of sustainability, mass transportation, multi-use housing construction, economic independence, and education within its borders.
There have been many examples provided by countless countries over the past 10 years, and Brazil needs to look at those examples and insure that they are not embracing many of the same policies that have led other countries down perilous journeys!

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