Brazil Protests Are More Than Just About Bus Fare Increases

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Brazil Protests Are More Than Just About Bus Fare Increases

Yes, bus fare increases definitely sparked protest over the last seven days, but the underlying eruptions are much broader than just bus fare increases. For many products and services over the last 10 years, prices since 2001 levels have increased as much as, if not greater than 300%.


The level of the increases which can be seen throughout every sector of society have begun to pinch ordinary citizens, business owners, and travelers as well that like to visit the country so much so, that they no longer can sustain themselves, or find the country a bargain to visit any longer.Police-Beating Protesters


What is even more drastic then the tax increases, is the feeling that nothing is attained in ordinary society by paying the taxes as well. There is nothing visible on the ground for ordinary citizens that bear the brunt of the taxes except for World Cup infrastructure projects and Olympic stadiums who’s roofs continue to leak and cause problems, and at the same time costs billions to fix.


Why Brazilians Are Protesting

While all the infrastructure projects are good, but where has the money that the country’s citizens I’ve been taxed for years been going anyway? Infrastructure projects that are currently being undertaken are projects that should’ve been a part of normal society many years ago. Fixing roads, building bridges, installing mass transit infrastructures are simple urban planning projects that should have been incorporated in the society on a mass scale from the get-go!


Waiting till The Games and The World Cup come to the city makes it so that yes these projects will take place, but ordinary citizens will be paying for them for decades! This isn’t fair when citizens educational systems are below international levels, when state and federal universes do not have enough money to produce highly competitive students, and who’s healthcare systems are absolutely abysmal!
And to be clear, it is not the staff of the healthcare institutions that are the problem, it is the fact that the government does not provide the funds that are needed to support them and ensure that they have all the human capital and hardware that is needed. For example, there are times that these healthcare institutions have not even had bandages!



In closing, the busfare protest are only a can of worms that is now just been opened and is going to be extremely hard to close. People are tired and because of the forces of things like social media and the quick ability to voice those expressions, Brazilian politicians are going to have their hands full! Brazil Protest
Protesters gathered on Monday to protest the high cost of living and lavish spending on soccer stadiums ahead of next year’s World Cup, in demonstrations that have intensified as images of police brutality against peaceful protesters spread on social networks….More at Protests Expand in Brazil, Fueled by Video of Police Brutality

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Brazil Protests Are More Than Just About Bus Fare Increases
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