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For many people, Brazil Travel is a dream and not a reality. One of the main premises of this website is to ensure that your dreams of continually visiting Rio de Janeirobecome a reality for you all. The city is far too nice and exploding with vibrancy for individuals who desire to interact with it to not be able to do so.


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For those that do have the opportunity to come down though, they should take the opportunity to do a few thingsbefore they pack their bags and leave home. One action that they should take is to personally (or possibly over the phone) is to contact their banking institution as well as the companies which control the credit cards that they would desire to use in Brazil before they leave their home.

Once you contact them, let them know that you will be traveling to Brazil on whatever date that you plan to travel, and the date you will be returning on. Making these contacts are imperative before you leave your home, as credit card institutions and banking companies are well-known to lock credit cards and banking ATM cards if they see transaction activity coming from another country and they have not been notified prior. Save yourself a tremendous hassle by simply contacting your bank before you leave to visit the country.

Also as an added layer of security, if there is someone in your family or one of your friends that you trust, give them $500-$1000 to hold until you return back from your trip, or as a safety net to Western Union to you in Brazil just in case some unforeseen incident happens and you need to have access to cash.

Furthermore, don’t walk around the street in Brazil with your actual passport on your person. Once you’ve entered the country, keep a xeroxed copy of your entire passport on you while placing the real passport either locked in your luggage, or locked in a safe in your hotel or apartment. Ever have to have a passport replaced in a foreign country? It is a fiasco you don’t want to go through, and a cost that you don’t want to absorb either!

In closing, here is a short video cast: 

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