Carioca de Gema

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For many locals, tourist, and visitors to the city of Rio de Janeiro Carrioca de Gema represents a location that provides deeply rooted

Carioca da Gema

Carioca da Gema (Photo credit: Nao Iizuka)

authentic Brazilian music, as well as authentic Brazilian interactions as well.

The location is always full of live music, and is adored by both native Brazilians and foreigners to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Located in the Lapa District, the bar/restaurant is centered with and in the area of town that is pretty much, the “village” of Rio de Janeiro.

For visitors to the city that desire to hear real Brazilian music, this is definitely a location not to miss. The location is always brimming with artist all the time, as well as many other actors within the musical circuit. Also, Carioca de Gema while being a great place to listen to all types of Brazilian MPB, samba, and Brazilian jazz, it also is a terrific location to simply meet someone new that is enjoying the city just like you.

Normally, Lapa is a location that pretty much has the pinnacle of its visitors on Friday nights, but this musical location, Carioca de Gema is always busy with visitors every night of the week. For visitors to the city, this is definitely a location that one should not miss. Carioca de Gema will definitely not, disappoint!

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Carioca de Gema
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