Carnival 2013 Dates

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There have been many inquiries regarding Carnival 2013 Dates, and those dates are: Saturday, February 9 through Thursday, February 12.

Panoram Cristo Redentor, Bahia de Guanabara, P...

Panoram Cristo Redentor, Bahia de Guanabara, Pão de Açúcar e Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rio de Janeiro always makes a big spectacle for Carnival, but since the announcement of the 2014 World Cup, and the 2016 Olympic Games, the events in the city as well as the preparations for them have grown quite dramatically. Due to the winning bids of the Olympic Games and the World Cup, everything that the city does is on a new plateau in comparison to its history.
The city has, and still is, undergoing a wave of anesthetic and infrastructure investments all throughout Rio de Janeiro. Those that have visited the city since the announcement of the Olympic Games and the World Cup but who have a history of visiting the city which spans at least 10 years, always comment about how much things have changed.
The city has become much more, “international” and the experience for visitors has undergone dramatic changes. Visiting the city today is much more like visiting other cities throughout the United States or  Europe that have undergone “international changes”. The international changes that have taken place with regard to infrastructure, mass transportation, security, and urban planning have really made the city a pleasant place to visit.
For the 2013 Carnival Festivities, the city will have the opportunity to not only continue to provide these awesome new services and amenities, but also shore-up the on-the-ground experience for travelers before the World Cup and the Olympic Games take place.
In closing, if you plan to visit the city during any of these festivities or a future Christmas, New Year’s, or another Carnival date, please let us assist you.
Best Regards, and Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

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Carnival 2013 Dates
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