Carnival In Rio

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Carnival In Rio begins tomorrow night. The city is in high movement as everyone is preparing for the Rio Carnival festivities. Businesses are closing, offices will begin letting out their staff at noon today, and of course, the highways and streets are filled with automobiles carrying people who are traveling to other

Carlos Miele @ Rio Fashion Business // Verão 2012

Carlos Miele @ Rio Fashion Business // Verão 2012 (Photo credit: HiperFashion Estúdio Criativo)


One of the memorable aspects of this time are the ways in which the atmosphere of the city is electrified in a state of “party-ness”. Everyone wants to have an amazing time, and the entire city seeks to promote this mentality to everyone for the encounter. One of the attributes that have been assisting this to occur has been Brazil’s amazing economy. Everyone from business executives, to blue-collar workers economically, certainly has a lot more disposable  income then they have in the past.


The economy in Brazil is very strong, and it certainly is assisting Brazilians to be able to enjoy this year’s festivities. This may be a bit overinflated due to the injection of credit, but it is certainly the case that the economy is strong in Brazil.


On another note, Brazil’s Fashion is on the minds of many, and another fashon festival is about to begin. If you are in the city for Carnival, check out the fashion partities too!


Rio de Janeiro is famous for its tropical atmosphere, Carnival celebrations, samba, Copacabana Beach and of course the sexiest women. Though Rio Fashion Week is over, we would like to point out some incredibly sexy bikini catwalks that were part of this Brazilian celebration….More at Midnight Hot: Sexy Bikinis at Rio

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Carnival In Rio
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