Cheap Flights to Rio de Janeiro

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Cheap Flights to Rio de Janeiro

Finding a cheap flight to Rio de Janeiro is normally a task, but not impossible. This will depend upon the time that one is trying to come down, and if one is seeking to visit during the “high” season which normally rests around Christmas, New Year‘s, and Carnaval.

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English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E landing on runway 18C at Schiphol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally, during the high season one can expect to pay a very high amount for a flight to Rio de Janeiro from Atlanta Georgia for example, but doing the off-season prices can be down by at least half the high season amounts. The reason for this post, is that yesterday upon researching a coach flight from Atlanta (and at this time it is currently the off-season) it was surprising to see prices at $2459 for a round-trip fare.

From looking at flight prices, one would be hard-pressed to believe that there is a global economic slowdown. Rio de Janeiro is an amazing destination, but at the current off-season prices, we think it would be better to visit Paris, or spend an amazing two-week vacation in New York City.

While we love Rio de Janeiro, it is our recommendation to you think critically before spending close to $3000 on a flight to the city during the off-season. During Christmas, New Year’s, and Canaval we understand, but before Thanksgiving when flight prices normally are about $600, we do not understand the massive change in prices!

At these current prices Rio is NOT exciting for anyone! We are not sure if it is the airlines, government flight taxes, or whatever has caused prices to soar as they are, but unless they begin to seriously decline, it is our prediction that the city will begin to see a decline in tourists visiting the city. The world is filled with many other great places, and high flight prices are going to cause people to begin to explore some of those unknown destinations.

On the ground, prices are already inflated do to the massive spending because of the World Cup and Olympic Games preparations, but adding a 100% increase in flights to the city could be the “Straw that broke the camels back”! This philosophy is very short-sighted and may not stop people from visiting, but it may insure that they never come back.

Cheap Flights to Rio de Janeiro
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