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For tourists and for tenured residents, Copacabana represents a city that is very metropolitan in comparison to other locations in Rio de Janeiro. The location is filled with high density middle-class apartment/condominium complexes that at their bases, are normally lined with various types of amenities such as cafés, grocery stores, bus stops, metro stations, taxis, and many other societal needs that are required for a high compact and dense urban environment to function properly.

pt: Praia de Copacabana vista do topo do Hotel...

pt: Praia de Copacabana vista do topo do Hotel Orla. en: Copacabana Beach seen from the top of the Hotel Orla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The concentration of wealth, people, and an amenity rich infrastructure make Copacabana an amazing place for a visitor to the city of Rio de Janeiro to reside. It represents a place that can help city visitors understand more of the ways the state functions. One other aspect that Copacabana provides for tourist is that it can assist those that are traveling abroad for the first time.

The city can help outsiders know that they are within another country, but at the same time, they can have many of the necessities that are required and needed for them back at home. This is very important for someone that is new to traveling abroad. For those that have had a life within Brazil for many years, this may not seen as an important necessity for travelers, but for those that are traveling abroad to a country in South America for the first time (and to a country that everyone selling them not to go to) it truly is something that is silently needed within them. Well residing in South America during their stay, they can still have a base that reminds them of what they’re used to back at home.

On this note,there are a few things that I visitor can do to help facilitate this process. Whether you’re renting an apartment or renting in a hotel, make sure before you send money or make a deposit for the space that the location has FREE Wi-Fi Internet! By making sure that you have Internet internally where you are staying, you will not have to look around the city (of which you don’t know) for such a service. I also highly recommend that you bring a small laptop that has Wi-Fi, for a tablet computer that has Wi-Fi as well. This will make it so that you do not have to bring any devices anywhere, and will act to ensure your safety while you are in the city.

In closing this post today, another choice that tourist might decide is to bring a SIM based telephone like a Galaxy III or an iPhone or any other such device that is SIM based an has Wi-Fi capability. By doing so, using Apps such as Skype, e-mail, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter Apps too, distance will really be a relevant to you because you will remain connected to the world that you know and the New World that you are now learning.

(In my book, I have gone into much further detail regarding these issues. Look to the right of this post and download it should this be of interest to you.)

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