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There are many fabulous districts in Rio de Janeiro, but quite arguably there are none quite as vibrant and interesting as that of Copacabana. For tourist and visitors, and even tenured locals this area is where it’s at!

View of Nossa Senhora de Copacabaana Avenue, i...

View of Nossa Senhora de Copacabaana Avenue, in Copacabana neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. Near to the chic restaurant “Frontera”. Español: Vista de la Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, en el barrio Copacabana, ciudad de Río de Janeiro, Brasil. Cerca del restaurante chic “Frontera”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On weekends, there are normally parties, shows on the beach, walkable sections up and down Avenida Atlantica (the Avenue on the Atlantic Ocean), and the location is constantly filled with things to do. The area is also filled to the brim with the amenities such as restaurants, cafés, shopping centers, mass transportation alternatives and is simply the place to be if you are you visitor to the city.

Almost everything that is needed by someone visiting the city is within walking distances, and even when it’s not, the area so pleasant that most people wont mind walking. Be warned however, normally once one starts residing in Copacabana, the addiction is hard to get over. It is a location that truly gets under your skin and will always have you yearning for more. The awesome collection of people that visit and/live in the area coupled with the close proximity to the beach, as well as the location’s rich assortment of broad amenities really makes the city a place that everyone wants to truly be around.

If visiting Rio de Janeiro for the first time, Copacabana is a location that is highly recommended. If you do so, rent an apartment or book a stay in a globally known hotel until you know the city very well.

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