Copacabana Beach

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The Copacabana Beach is one of the most marvelous locations in the world to ever visit. With its white

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English: copacabana beach rio de janeiro brazil 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

powdery soft sands and warm blowing winds travelling across the ocean, and finally landing over your body, once you experience it’s splendor no other beach will ever do. Also, the backdrop that encircles Copacabana is one that is difficult to match as well, with the locations breathtaking mountains and splendid scenery.

Furthermore, all one has to do is visit on a Saturday. Spending time on the beach is a local past time, and everyone comes out. On Saturday’s, the beach is normally packed to the brim with people, but even being filled with many visitors, the location does make one fill that it is too overcrowded. Also, this is a great place to meet individuals not only from Rio de Janeiro, but other neighboring cities and states that visit as well. The location is great for people watching, but also for meeting new personalities and is also great for interacting with new personalities as well.

Also, for those traveling with children, the beach offers a great experience for them as well. Brazilians bring their children everywhere, and the beach is no exception to this practice. In fact, a person visiting the city for the first time would probably pick up on this reality pretty quickly. Brazilians are extremely family oriented, and embrace her families at every opportunity possible. If one is visiting Copacabana Beach for the first time, this is something that should readily standout. This is something that is very universal with Brazilians and one can find traces of such behaviors in every sector of Brazilian society, independent of the socio-economic strata. Of course, those with more resources normally do a better job in upholding and supporting this belief, but even those that have minimal access to resources still normally hold this belief.

Also, a tourist to a new region (especially if they have been visiting for a while) sometimes desire to converse with someone of their own kind. What is meant by this are common shared experiences, as well as a common language too. It is great to be in a new culture, speaking a new language, eating new foods and meeting new people. The experience is like hitting the RESET BUTTON on your life, and can be very appealing, frightening, exhilarating and for those who like a challenge, it can be hard to walk away from. However, even given the positives, having a little taste of we y came from can sometimes be a good thing too! Copacabana Beach offers this bi-polar possibility and those visiting Rio should certainly check it out!

In closing, attraction to the Copacabana Beach is much deeper than people in a group barely clothed. The Carioca life is awesome, and much of this life is in someway tied to loving ones family, and also connected to the beach.

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Copacabana Beach
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