Dionne Warwick

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Dionne Warwick is an amazing woman, and a fantastic artist as well. Her name and her artistic talent are known around

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick (Photo credit: maltatoday.com.mt)

the world. What most people do not know though, is that Ms. Dionne Warwick has had a life and prolonged history spanning decades in Rio de Janeiro.

Not only has Ms. Warwick helped countless others in the United States, but she has also aided those that have required her assistance in Brazil as well. This is something that you’re author personally knows.

Between the years 2002 through 2006, he owned a restaurant in Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil called Sweet NewYork. Ms. Warwick somehow heard about the restaurants amazing “American Styled Breakfast”. Once she knew about the restaurant was owned by an African-American who was living in the city of Rio de Janeiro, she “talked up” the restaurant for weeks before actually arriving to eat the cuisine. not only did she go out of her way to support the restaurant, but she even purchased bags of toys for the children that lived in the area.

Regarding the restaurant, she really went out of her way to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to the business to help support in any way that she could. She is truly an amazing woman, and it certainly will be a pleasure for anyone you irregardless of their background, to have the opportunity to meet her.

Recently, Ms. Warwick released a new album and we highly recommend that everyone go out and BUY IT! She is a person whose works and artwork through her singing should be supported by the world.

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