Equinix Launches Second Rio de Janeiro Data Centre

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Equinix Launches Second Rio de Janeiro Data Centre

A typical server "rack", commonly se...

A typical server “rack”, commonly seen in colocation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those interested in Internet Technology in Brazil, Global data centre operator Equinix has announced that Alog Data Centers of Brazil, a Platform Equinix Company, has opened a second International Business Exchange (IBX) in Rio de Janeiro. Known as RJ2, the new Rio de Janeiro data center is Tier III-certified, and has capacity for 320 cabinets and with an additional USD 36 million invested in the next two phases of construction, will grow to 1,170 cabinets.

Currently over 800 companies are colocated in Equinix’s Brazil data centers, located in in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Decatron, a company specialized in IT design, provision, implementation, management and optimization, has already colocated in RJ2. Is new expansion IF BRAZILIANS KEEP PRICING LOW, could help the country compete with other countries around the world in the realm of IT infrastructures.

If pricing continues to be so high that average business users and citizens can’t reach them, then the country will not be able to compete competitively!
Equinix Launches Second Rio de Janeiro Data Centre
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