Five Things To Avoid Doing On Your Trip To Rio de Janeiro

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Five Things To Avoid Doing On Your Trip To Rio de Janeiro

The master plan to do list

The master plan to do list (Photo credit: the green gables)



1. Avoid using cellphones in the city. The cellphone network in Rio is pretty much a monopoly that is controlled by

a very small few. There is very little competition, and prices for cell phone usage are extremely high. As the world has moved to smartphone technology, the infrastructure for the cities cellphone network is still based upon the old pay per-minute paradigm. 

As a consequence, the cost to use cell phones whether it be on a monthly billing cycle, or a prepaid plan, they can still be very costly. To get around this, visitors to the city should use unblocked cell phones that allow them to change the Sim card. By attaining a new Sim card in the city, one can attain a local number which will allow them to make or receive phone calls. Bargain traveler should attain a prepaid plan with one of the cities carriers. Another strategy that travelers can use as well, is to use Smart-phones that can use Wi-Fi technology. By doing so, iPhone and Android users can use services such as Skype and Google voice to send and receive phone calls via IP. 
2. Do not take taxis! Avoid them like the blackplauge, as they can eat a tremendous hole in your wallet. Those that are looking to control their cash flow should never take a taxi in the city unless it is an emergency. Before you visit the city, spend time investigating the bus network. Brazil has the largest bus network in the world, and they go everywhere. Nine times out of 10, any place you want to go within the city, a bus goes nearby. The cost savings are absolutely tremendous, so do not hesitate to take a bus.
3. For your large purchases such as your Rio Apartment Rentals or Rio Hotel Bookings, go out of your way to purchase those on your international credit cards. By doing so, they can act as an additional layer of protection just in case the service or person you are buying from does not uphold there end of a rental agreement. They can do the same just in case the hotel that you might use is you horrible service as well. Before you make purchases using a credit card, pick the one that gives you the highest amount of protection just in case something goes wrong. If something does go wrong, request a refund immediately!


4. Do not eat in tourist locations. When choosing restaurants to eat in, eat like a local! Find places such as “kilo” restaurants that are all throughout the city that charge you based upon the weight of the food on your plate. Restaurants that do have services such as this will normally have a full range of foods such as sushi bars, barbecues, all kinds of wonderful soups & salads, desserts, drinks, and in the end,  you will not leave the location hungry.


5. And last but not least, do not use any of the airport money exchange locations! If you are new to the city and do not have any local currency at all, exchange around $100. Just exchange enough that to last you to get to an international ATM machine where you can withdraw at international rates. And do your research before coming to the city in this area as well, for example in Rio de Janeiro’s GIG airport there are international ATM machines that work in Portuguese as well as in English on the third floor of the airport. By going to an international ATM machine, you will be withdrawing local currency on the International baking rate. 

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Five Things To Avoid Doing On Your Trip To Rio de Janeiro
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