Google Drive Triples Free Storage To 15GB

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Google Drive triples free storage to 15GB

Google announced today that just ahead of its I/O Conference, that it’s free storage services will be tripled across its services. Traditionally, a free account for Google Drive normally would be 5 GB, but that now is 15 GB and should be effective very shortly. This tripling of it storage services will be a cross the entire spectrum of what Google has to offer. It will be effective on Gmail, Google plus, and it’s Google Drive service.

English: Diagram showing overview of cloud com...

English: Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Axios Systems, Microsoft, Yahoo & Zoho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google made this announcement just before it’s Google I/O developers conference that is to begin later this week. The storage increase is will provide users of Google Drive, the most generous free online storage capacities of any player within the market that uses cloud-based services for their storage needs.
For those that read this blog, most people are travelers and this increase in space allows travelers to store more in the cloud and worry less about things that they leave behind before they travel. Cloudbased services such as dropbox, Amazon’s cloud services, and other players in the market need to be aware as this is a very significant move done by Google today!

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Google Drive Triples Free Storage To 15GB
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