HTC One Flagship Android Smartphone

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HTC One Flagship Android SmartphoneHTC One_Silver_3V

 One week before the Mobile World Congress, HTC has in inveiled its flagship all aluminum smart phone for the world to see. Phone does not have any unusual plastic elements, and also uses Google’s latest operating system, Android Jelly Bean. The design is magnificent, and the front facing stereo speakers are an amazing element as they are rarely seen in other smart phones.


Over the last few years HTC has lost some ground due to competitors such as Samsung and Apple, but this new device may help the company recover much of a percentage that it lost over the last few years.
The device is amazing, and the 4.7 inch screen which is highlighted by a 1080 pixel high resolution display front panel will dazzle users.


For travelers to cities like Rio de Janeiro, this device will be amazing. With all of the new hotspots that are growing within the city, getting online and conversing via Skype with a device like this will be easy as pie. The HTC One packs a punch, and users will be VERY happy with the device!

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