I Need A Passport

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I need a passport

To visit Brazil do I need a passport? Yes you do need a passport in order to visit Brazil. Not only will you need a passport, but you will have to visit a Brazilian Consulate an attain a tourist visa as well. This is a basic requirement in order to get to the country if you’re coming from places like United States or other countries in Europeas well.


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I’ve heard of a few occasions where they have forgotten to check, but even before you board the aircraft that will fly you to Brazil, they normally check for your visa or residency paperwork there as well. This is a requirement that is an international requirement that is taken very seriously, and should you not have the visa that is required, not only will the airline be fine, but you will be sent back to your home country on the next plane. To avoid this fiasco, make sure you have your visa requirements and passport documentation well before you board the aircraft.

For many visitors that are in the planning stages of a trip, they still may have to attain their passports and they should allow themselves proper time in order for paperwork to be completed. Should the trip be one that is abruptly made, passport and visa documentations can be rush within passport agencies and consulate services, but these expedited services do come at a cost! At a minimum, one can expect to pay at least $100 more on top of the normal passport and visa fees in order to havedocumentation rushed.

Also, once the documentations and visas are in hand, make sure that all of the information is correct! Make sure the name, birthdate, issuing date, and any other information is correct on the documentation. For example, if there are misspellings you may not be permitted to enter the country that you’re seeking to enter until the documentation has been corrected. Also, if an error has been made on the part of an agency or some other service, that normally can be corrected and done so add their cost. However, you must catch the mistake as soon as you get the documentation.

On this topic, should you already be in the foreign destination and lose your passport, the very first thing that you should do is seek out the consulate of your home country. Let them know immediately that you have lost your passport as they can help you attain new documentation. This is something that you need to do immediately as having proper identification on your person in most countries is a requirement!

This is something that is even more so with foreigners in a country. If you lose your passport or if it is stolen, you will not have the proper identification to be in the country, and you will not have identification to leave it either! It is imperative that you contact the consulate of your host country. The number of that consulate is something that you should know or be able to get your hands on within five minutes. When you’re traveling abroad, anything can happen.

In closing, it is my recommendation that I travelers should also leave the funds and identification necessary to attain a new passport abroad with someone in your host country. It rarely happens, but you could lose everything when you are abroad. By leaving copies of your identification such as your national or state ID, your birth certificate, a copy of your flight itinerary, and the funding needed to attain a new passport in the consulate of the country where you are visiting. It will be a huge burden lifted off you should something happen and you have to get your hands on that documentation.

I Need A Passport
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