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Number One (John Legend song)

Number One (John Legend song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the attention that Rio de Janeiro has gained because of the 2013 Carnival celebrations, there has been much talk for many foreigners using the city to work on many of their into entertainment productions.


Much of the talk has directed many to look at previous productions and attention grabbers that have used the city to successfully create productions of their own as well. With many in Hollywood seeming to visit the city on a continuous basis, the idea of increasing the number of productions and media events that occur within it is only logical. This has caused us to sit down and do a recap on many of the productions that have occurred in the city of Rio de Janeiro over the last 10 years. For some, if only been a few, but actually, there have been many.


After Snoop “Doggy Dog” came to the city in 2003, another famous singer that used city as well to produce one of his videos was that of John Legend. We have included the video below:


Also, John Legend takes a day off to enjoy some fun. He attended the DieNeila Brazil Press in Miami, Monday night. Christine Teigen also joined John at the Fashion Week’s Press. The singer/songwriter can be found on a 50 city tour with soul singer, Sade as an opening act….More at John Legend Attends Fashion Week Swim’s DiNeila Brazil Press


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As far as John Legend’s Fiancee giving the ultimatum, you cant make a man want to marry you, he has to want to!

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