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Lapa is an up-and-coming hip, action-packed, people filled location where an enormous amount of people packed the streets on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

The location is packed with restaurants and bars, all kinds of activities to do on a weekly basis, and place close to many musical events, musical clubs, and is just becoming the up ang coming “Village” of Rio de Janeiro.

This is something that is being noticed by many tourists and tenured city residents as well. The location has engendered an enormous amount of new investment within the city and because of this, much of the infrastructure has been completely redesigned and reworked. The winning bids of the 2014

stairs in the lapa district, Rio de Janeiro, B...

stairs in the lapa district, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. View of tiles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World Cup, and the 2016 Olympic Games has seen this location completely transformed. The location of Lap is beautiful and offers a strong sense of security and “place” for people visiting the city.

In this location is one of my favorite hangout spots where I do much of my graduate work and meet many of my friends from the city. This location is called Bonde Sucos and I highly recommend visiting it if you’re ever within Lapa. They have great priced foods, low-priced desserts, and great natural drinks. It’s a juice bar/coffee shop stuck right in the middle of the action of the sector. The place has a tremendous amount of people on Friday nights, which are the times that you definitely want to be in Lapa! On Friday’s between the hours of 10 PM through 4 AM, this place within the city is packed!

Lapa is a great location for visitors seeking to meet other people from United States or Europe, and it is also a great location if you want to meet somebody new locally within the city too. Interestingly, it is the very location that I met my wife! There are many samba clubs, hip-hop clubs, jazz spots, street vendors, street sounds, and all kinds of activities for you to take part in. If you’re into people watching, or just into being watched by the people, this is definitely the place to be.

In my book I have detailed more information about this location. It is definitely a place for visitors new to the city to definitely check out! Missing this location is like visitors missing the “Village” in New York City. If you are new to the city, definitely make it your business to spend one Friday night in this location on your trip.


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