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One of the things that we are always asked about by visitors of our site, are ways that they can learn the English Language, and learn the Portuguese Language as well.

Give the joy of learning English to a friend

Give the joy of learning English to a friend (Photo credit: italki)

Needless to say, given the city of Rio de Janeiro will lose the World Cup this year, and also host the Olympic Games in 2016 visitors that are planning on coming to the city definitely want to brush up on their language skills.


Regarding visitors that are seeking knowledge of how to broaden and maintain their English skills, we have created a website (www.101EnglishOnline.com) through which Brazilians can contact us and set up one-on-one English Tutoring lessons, or can be contacted and use our Tutoring Online Services via Skype.


As far as payments are concerned, we use various Online Payment Services to make it secure, safe, fast and easy for users to pay for our services from the comfort of your own home, or wherever they are in the world.


Also, we provide a 15 Minute Consultation service online via Skype so that users can understand more of the level of services that we offer. For example, some users need more help with subjects such as Business English, others need more help with simple English Conversation and correct English Pronunciation of words and phrases.


Furthermore, users can pick times that work for them regarding the structure of lessons. Today, with the advances in broadband Internet technologies, there’s never been a more easier time to Learn English or Portuguese for those that desire to do so. Our services comprehensive and broad-based so that userswalk away tools that they can use as a begin to interact deeper with English, or Portuguese.


In closing, we work with individuals, groups, and companies seeking to gain better working knowledge with English, as well as with Portuguese. We provide services for Business Clients, Tourists, Students, as well as offer services to help Children Learn English.
Learn English and Portuguese Online Today!
Learn English and Portuguese Online
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