Rio Carnival

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Mangueira samba schoo parading during 1998 carnival in Rio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rio de Janeiro is a city that captivates the minds of many, and the Rio Carnival is one of the reasons that the city is globally known so much as it is.

During the event of Carnival, Rio’s Carnival is without a doubt, above all others. The amount of economic resources that competing samba schools invest in their costumes, floats, preparations, and finally the main event itself leads everyone else around the world that has events to mark the Carnival celebrations to shame.
The sheer magnitude of the spectacles that take place during Rio de Janeiro Carnival place the city on a plateau all its own. Furthermore, accesses to the beach and many other amenities for tourists and visitors clearly outshines many other destinations when compared with Rio de Janeiro.

“Welcome to Rio Carnival, the biggest party on the planet. It’s a time when days merge into nights, sunsets into sunrises and men into women.

Cross-dressing might be optional (or accidental, apparently), but getting involved in some shape or form is inevitable.

For the best part of a week next month (February 8-12), in the hedonistic run-up to Lent, two million people will take to the streets of Rio de Janeiro each day and each night.

The roads will be alive with the pulsating rhythms of samba, endless throngs of scantily clad bodies and the zesty aroma of lime-filled caipirinhas”….More at Rio Carnival – the world’s biggest party: Why the Rio de Janeiro street party … – TNT Magazine

City of Rio de Janeiro itself is known as being a “party city” and this only elevates the fun and amazing environment that takes place during Carnival. Last year in 2012, the city welcome to 1.1 million visitors for Carnival. Needless to say, the event is huge, and acts as a major revenue stream for the city. All efforts are taken by the city government to ensure that everyone has a tremendous time during Carnival.
In closing, Rio Carnival is like no other in the world!

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Rio Carnival
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