Rio Carnival – Photos – 2013

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English: Inside the Sambadrome. picture taken ...

English: Inside the Sambadrome. picture taken by Alan Betensley, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time of the year, everyone wants to see Rio Carnival Photos! With the revolution in digital photography, everyone is a photographer as there are quite literally, millions of individuals that have digital cameras with them within the city.


This year, there is talk that 2 million international visitors are visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. Given that many people, and the fact that most people noways carry digital cameras, that is a lot of photographs!


Given this reality, we have captured some photographs of our own and posted them on the website.
While Carnival is great for many, their are some that have a different view of the event.

RIO DE JANEIRO — As samba queens get final touch-ups on their sequins and feathers and hundreds of thousands of revelers take command of Rio’s streets for Carnival’s opening on Friday, Leo Name is hunkering down. The self-avowed Carnival Scrooge has stocked up on frozen TV dinners and hopes he won’t have to set foot outside his apartment during the five days of festivities.

Appalled by the monumental proportions that street parties have taken on in recent years with the influx of an estimated half million visitors to the city of 6 million people, many locals flee Rio or lock themselves away for the duration….More at Rio Carnival: Carnival Fever Prompts Some Locals To Seek Escape

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Rio Carnival – Photos – 2013
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