Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Visiting Rio de Janeiro – Carnival

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Info about Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Visiting Rio de Janeiro – Carnival

This year, Rio de Janeiro Carnival will begin on the 9th February, and end on the 12th.

English: Adriane Galisteu at Marquês de Sapuca...

English: Adriane Galisteu at Marquês de Sapucaí during Unidos da Tijuca Samba School Show at 2010 Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Português: Adriane Galisteu na Marquês de Sapucaí durante o desfile do Unidos da Tijuca no Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro de 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As most people around the world know at this time, Rio de Janeiro is gaining  a lot of attention! Whether it be in the area of natural resources, as a great place to invest within emerging markets, or the cities blooming property market, the city is making headways!


This post today is beginning with this background information as to provide more clarity as to why prices are a bit more this year for people coming to Rio de Janeiro for carnival. While city of Rio de Janeiro is probably the number one destination to enjoy Carnival, this year it will cost visitors a bit more.


Be prepared to spend more than you spent during previous years as the city is currently undergoing in economic transformation. Also, due to The 2014 World Cup and The 2016 Olympic Games, prices are higher than before. Given the billions of dollars that have been poured into the infrastructure of Rio de Janeiro and other surrounding states, this influx of capital has elevated prices on the ground for almost everything.


This post is not to scare people off from visiting Rio de Janeiro, but it is to provide clarity that if one visits the city for major events such Christmas, New Years, or Carnival, be prepared to spend some additional money.


As far as samba schools are concerned, “heir budget runs into the millions of dollars and they employ a workforce of thousands.
During Carnival season, the whole country literally stops to party.
[Edson Oliveira, President of Grande Rio Samba School]:
“Each (samba) school has 4,000 participants, that makes for a total of 50,000 people parading (at the Sambodrome). In what other show in the world do you have that number of participants, with 75,000 watching, being broadcast to 150 countries? So it’s a very important show, a very popular show, and put together by the people.”…More at Get Ready! Rio Carnival Is Nearly Here! – New Tang Dynasty Television

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Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Visiting Rio de Janeiro – Carnival
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