What to Do in Rio de Janeiro-Rio De Janeiro Brazil

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My ask, “What to Do in Rio de Janeiro-Rio De Janeiro Brazil”? For people that have only a few days within the city, seeing the typical tourists destinations may be exactly what they want, but for those that have visited the city on several occasions, they normally want to visit places that are new, fresh and offer more detail and history about the city that they love. One of the ways that this can be accomplished is by visiting destinations like favelas such as “Rochina”.


English: Rocinha favela Rio de Janeiro 2010

English: Rocinha favela Rio de Janeiro 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rochina is the largest favela in all of South America. Many people that reside in Rio de Janeiro know of it, but only those that live near it have had the opportunity to visit it. The location is awesome for experincing great views and cheap food.

Many visitors like to eat in such locations because  they provide an indepth and comprehensive understanding of the lives of the majority of city residents. While “favelas” as they are known, can be dangerous places to be within, Rocinha is one the wealthiest ones in South America. The wealth that is concentrated within its borders gives it a very different flavor from other favelas within the city. Many love the location and find its people to be very friendly and very warm. Your author worked with a graduate professor that did a very in-depth study in this location for which she has attained tremendous acclaim. Providing visitors the opportunity to visit locations such as this really opens them up to an entire new world that they never knew. Even for visitors that have been visiting the city for many years, a visit to Rochina will provide them with a new and fresh view-point to understand the city  the city of Rio.

In closing, the provision of providing this different and new way of interacting with the city of Rio de Janeiro provides visitors a memorable and lasting experience for tourists. For many, they may have visited the city on countless occasions prior, but it is very rare that they have stepped “outside the box” and visited a place like a favela to attain a lasting experience that they never will forget of the city. For many visitors that have already visited Rio de Janeiro on several previous occasions but have not had the chance to interact and embrace new experiences, a visit to a favala many be a great experience for them. These new experiences are what are memorable, and for the tourist, become unforgettable experiences that they will share with friends and family.

Many tour guides make mistakes when interacting with people that have visited the city on previous occasions. These visitors normally do not want to go to the beach, and they do not want to go shopping. They normally do not want to do the typical tourists activities either; they are looking for something new! Providing experiences that are extremely different and ones that they normally would not attain in almost any location provides them something new, fresh, and full of vibrancy that they will always treasure throughout their lives.

What to Do in Rio de Janeiro-Rio De Janeiro Brazil


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What to Do in Rio de Janeiro-Rio De Janeiro Brazil
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