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For those that desire a unique and authentic experience while visiting Rio de Janeiro, visiting the Salgueiro samba school can certainly provide that.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Deutsch: Karneval ...

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Deutsch: Karneval in Rio de Janeiro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost everyone knows Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, but what most people do not know is that during the event various Samba schools compete to win a yearly competition. To win this competitio in Rio de Janeiro means that the samba school is the best in the entire state for that year.

Salgueiro has won this competition nine times throughout its history, but many other samba schools have won it many times as well. This school is being pointed out in this post because it is a awesome place to go for tourists looking for something new and dynamic to do in the city…and new and dynamic it will be!

The Salgueiro Samba school host about 8000 people during its weekly of vents. The school is filled with beautiful people singing and dancing and preparing for the Carnaval festivities that are to take place in the up-and-coming year. Festivities begin about 10 PM, and will last till roughly 4 o’clock in the morning. If one is in a group, the group should get there about 10 o’clock at night in order to get a table. The school will begin filling up with people at roughly 11 o’clock at night. Waiting any longer will mean you will not get a table.

Also, regarding the food that can be purchased in many of these schools, they serve french fries, beer, water, wine, and other types of quick snacks. Definitely eat a very good dinner before you go, but normally the locations of samba schools are filled with street vendors selling hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, shrimp, and anything else that they can fit into their “restaurant trucks” that sell all types of food items.

In closing, going to a samba school while you’re visiting Rio de Janeiro is definitely a terrific experience. It is something that you will never forget and probably never experience again…not unless you come back to Rio de Janeiro at a later date. Salgueiro has been recommended in this post because it is a somber school that is used to playing host to many international guests.

While visiting the school, one normally always sees international guest with cameras, Digital film recorders, and many other types of devices taking pictures or filming some of the festivities. The school goes out of their way to make their organization acceptable to those that visit it from abroad.

For those that want a tour of the school as well as to see other city events ExcitingRio can provide such services to individuals as well as for groups. Simply drop us an email! [email protected]


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