Sao Paulo

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Last night I came across something very interesting. My wife and I are planning a trip to Sao Paulo for our 10th wedding

São Paulo

São Paulo (Photo credit: Marcio Cabral de Moura)

anniversary in November. This is something that she initially did not want to do as my wife is more of a suburban person, and I am more the City Boy! However, when I discuss all of the amenities and amazing things that we could do and in Sao Paulo, she quickly came around and we began giving the city serious thought.

During that time, we begin to search for airline prices. Using the regional airlines, like Gol & Tam, flights to the city are as low as $25! Around tickets for us both are less than $100. This excited as both, adde fire to the flame for giving the city serious thought.

Paulista Center

Another plus on the city, is the sheer number of people that live within it force prices for products and services to stay low.! Because they’re so much competition to sell products and goods to the population, this always acts to keep prices low to attract the masses and further makes the city a superb choice for a low-cost get-a-way.

Another plus about the city,is that there are restaurants and hotels everywhere. Finding a really nice hotel that has FREE wireless internet as well as free breakfast is not difficult to do. Also, with all the shops, stores, markets, dry cleaners, massage parlors, museums, movie theaters, and malls, finding things to do in the city is very easy.

At the current rate for flying into the city, this is a getaway that we can do once a month! It is only 45 minutes from Rio de Janeiro, and really, the city is a world unto itself. Is a great quick getaway that packs tremendous bang for just a few bucks. When you visit Rio de Janeiro, definitely think about also visiting Sao Paulo too!The five of the city is completely different than it is in Rio de Janeiro.

There aren’t any mountainous views or beaches, but there are a ton of things for you to do that you could never do in Rio.

Sao Paulo
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