Google’s new Project Fi wireless carrier

This could be huge if it comes to Brazil, Google’s new Project Fi wireless carrier to bring 4G costs and cellphone date costs down. Move like this are what Brazil needs to lower consumer costs for cellphone data. Google’s new Project Fi wireless carrier 5 (100%) 1 vote -22.9068467 -43.17289649999998 No […] Read more »

Ingles Nativo

Ingles Nativo – For intermediate and advanced English speakers in Rio de Janeiro for looking to improve their English speaking capabilities, this English school is one of the only ones in Rio de Janeiro which provide instruction from 100% Native English Speaking Professors. View image | Not only are […] Read more »

Brazil Bus Fair Increase

A Brazil Bus Fair Increase from R$3.00 to R$3.40 is due to take place on January 3rd, 2015. If everyone remembers the bus fare protest that took place about two years ago, increasing bus fares is a hot topic in Brazil. The reason we taking the time to create this post, […] Read more »

Bargain Cafe In Rio de Janeiro

Looking for a Bargain Cafe In Rio de Janeiro? Given the high inflation that has become a major concern in Rio de Janeiro, one of the first questions that visitors ask, is where I can go to get a great meal at a great price? Over the last few months, […] Read more »

Travel Medications To Bring Before You Go Overseas

With regard to travel medications to bring before you go overseas, this is something that travelers must take very seriously. Oftentimes, that they require if things go wrong and they do not. #94855215 / For example, everyone wants to have a wonderful time in South America when traveling to […] Read more »

Rio World Cup

Rio World Cup Activities for the 2014 World Cup are very well in play! The country is definitely ready for the 2014 World Cup to get underway, as the preparations for the World Cup have definitely had the City of Rio de Janeiro under an immense amount of gridlock and the […] Read more »

Learn English and Portuguese Online

One of the things that we are always asked about by visitors of our site, are ways that they can learn the English Language, and learn the Portuguese Language as well. Needless to say, given the city of Rio de Janeiro will lose the World Cup this year, and also […] Read more »

Critique of Apple Opening A Store In Rio de Janeiro

Critique of Apple Opening A Store In Rio de Janeiro Many companies are trying to develop inroads into developing markets, and of course, Apple In Rio is no different. However, we question the business sense and the long-term thinking of opening an Apple store here in Rio de Janeiro. We […] Read more »

More Protests In Brazil

Rising public transport prices have spark yet MORE Protests In Rio de Janeiro. Fares for public transport lead to some of the largest protest in the history of Brazil a year ago, and these new inflatioary pressures may have a simular result. As Brazil prepare s for the 2014 World […] Read more »