The Brazil Housing Boom

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Gargoyles Condominium

Gargoyles Condominium (Photo credit: Peter Kudlacz)

The Brazil Housing Boom

The Brazil housing boom is taking place in all sectors of Brazil. Whether someone visits Rio de Janeiro, or other cities São Paulo or Bahia, one will witness that Brazil is currently in a housing boom

From our analysis, Brazil definitely is filled with a lot of old property and in many cases, shantytowns that do not amount to proper housing. However, with the build-out of the enormous number of new housing developments, there are some red flags that must be addressed.

Much of the new housing developments that are being constructed are being done so on the fringes on land that is virgin. This in many cases presents a huge planning challenge in that the land may be “empty”, but the new housing constructions that are taking place on it are not being built around certain needed infrastructures such as mass transit.

Many of the build-outs are taking place in areas that are not around bus rapid transit networks, metro or others rail networks, or even bus stops. Many of housing developments are taking place in the form of condominiums which is good, but are being constructed in areas where users of those areas will be forced to use automobiles. This mode of transportation is well known to be a bad choice! It clogs highways and street corridors, creates pollution, and confines societies for hours upon hours inside cars.

When one looks at where many of the housing developments are currently in Brazil, as well as the escalating car sales as it’s one of the most progressive in the world, this should scare anyone that has any knowledge urban planning!

While the country is receiving many international loans and low-cost financing for projects, one should take into consideration that soon the money will run out, and society will be forced to live with policy decisions that are made today, for 10 to 20 years tomorrow. Making the right choices around housing projects that make it easy for society to interact and have mobility, will in the end, make for a better Brazil that will see it continue to be prosperous and competitive with emerging markets.

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The Brazil Housing Boom
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