Best Travel Apps

Best Travel Apps

Every week, we here at will present to you, five of the Best Travel Apps there are for iOS

My iPhone apps as of February 2010

My iPhone apps as of February 2010 (Photo credit: dougbelshaw)

and Android devices. There are thousands of apps, but the finding the best ones for travelers takes a bit of experience. Issues such as application support, and ensuring that the applications work in foreign countries is a very important matter. While picking our choices, we will take issues such as these to heart.

This Weeks Best Travel Apps:


Those that use this application on their desktops and laptops already know the power and usefulness of this application. Having this app available on Android, and iOS devices brings a powerful tool for travelers to take advantage of. Travelers should ensure that their apartment rentals or hotels  include free Wi-Fi on premise. Using this in combination with Skype-In, and Skype-Out services, a person can have a local number for where they’re from, but be actually in a foreign country.


2. GoogleVoice
While Skype is a great application for receiving and initiating phone calls, it is not a great application for sending and receiving text messages. However, GoogleVoice absolutely is! GoogleVoice’s app is amazing for sending and receiving text messages. The service also gives you a phone number, that remains yours for as long as you’re a member of the FREE service. Having this number, and the ability to send and receive text messages is vital for today’s jet setters that live a lives without country boundaries.


3. XE Currency Exchange
Currency exchange apps are great, but this one is without doubt the best. Knowing a countrtry’s international exchange rate can save you a bundle. Being able to quickly pull up a rate before making purchases or withdraws can give you the ability to quickly make a decision that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.


Language is important when traveling, but even if you speak the language you are still not going to know it all. Having the Google Translate app gives you the ability to have a much broader scope and power of a language, in the palm of your hands. Google‘s application even sets the bar higher, by giving you the ability to pick between multiple languages.


Dropbox’s app is awesome for both Android, and iOS devices. It allows the user to quickly access files that they have stored remotely whether they be on a tablet, laptop, or smart phone. If you as a traveler find yourself are in a predicament and need to access information that you have stored on a Dropbox account, all you will need to do is access a computer that has Internet access. Dropbox is a LIFE SAVER!!

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