Searching for great Books On Rio?

Rio de Janeiro is a city that captivates many. It is a place of tremendous vibrancy and action, a location of contrasts and extremes, as well as a place of unification and deep togetherness. Rio de Janeiro rightfully, magnetizes the minds of many as well as draws closer all that gaze at it. Whether it be the beautiful mountains that surround the city, or the captivating beaches that line it’s shores, the city is unforgettable and can provide the traveler an amazing vacation that will only end in the visitor returning at a later date.Apple-2

In the book, “Rio de Janeiro On $50 A Day!”, (NOW ON iBOOKS!!!) the central premise of the work is awaken the reader/visitor to the fact that when coming to Rio de Janeiro, one does not have to “break the bank” to have an amazing time. The book seeks to demonstrate a multitude of examples that can assist the Rio visitor in controlling and managing their cash-flow. Rio de Janeiro is currently undergoing an economic explosion do to the global attention given to BRIC Economies, emerging markets, new sources of economic growth, and the successful winning bids of  The World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

Even though the city has all of these forces at play, “Rio de Janeiro On $50 A Day!” still has a very pivotal role to play as many people still desire to interact with Rio, but would like to know methods that will allow this desire to become a reality by focussing on maintaining the desire to have an amazing experience in Rio, coupled with cost-control measures that assist visitors in paying the lowest possible prices for the things that they will need when they are in the city. This is a major concentration of the book, and why anyone visiting the City of Rio, should pick it up! The book is available via direct download at, Smashwords, Apples iBooks, and other distributor networks.

Very shortly Mr. Asagai is due to release a new book which will focus further on Rio de Janeiro. The new work should drive home the point even further that Rio de Janeiro is an awesome location on a large budget as well as on a small one! Independent  of ones finances, the Rio visitor can still have an amazing experience in the city. His books on Rio are great has his perspective of not only one being born an the United States adds a unique character and flavor, but also as a Resident of  Brazil seeking “normal” prices for needed amenities, this is the benefit he provides for visitors seeking to control their cash-flows and have the best experiences possible while visiting “The Marvelous City“.



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