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Eating in Rio Can Be Awesome!
One of the main things that tourists and new visitors to the city need to get accustomed to, is to look for places to eat that are off the beaten track. It is known that is very difficult and possibly scary, but going off the beaten trackis one of the only ways that you going to find breaking spots in the city.

 Confining yourself into the tourists zones for food really doesn’t provide a full array of choices that are natively Brazilian. Most Brazilians cannot afford to eat inside the high-priced food locations located within the tourists zone, and as a result, do not go there. The food is just too expensive, and it really doesn’t represent true Brazilian cuisine. For this, you would have to go outside tourists destinations. However, seeking out very affordable and native Brazilian cuisine is not as difficult as one thinks.


Food from the Brazilian cuisine.

Food from the Brazilian cuisine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One can start by asking the doorman of the apartment where you are renting. One can also ask the taxi cab driver that might drop you off at your hotel or, on the ride from Copacabana to Lapa. The point is, ask common ordinary individuals where the great food locations are, but can be had on a low budget. Ask them where they go to eat a good lunch or dinner. Let them know that you’re not looking for something pricey in touristy, but something affordable in native. As you become for familiar with eating in Rio, you will begin to discover amazing places to dine.

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