Google’s new Project Fi wireless carrier

English: Logo of Google's cellphone - Nexus One

English: Logo of Google’s cellphone – Nexus One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This could be huge if it comes to Brazil, Google’s new Project Fi wireless carrier to bring 4G costs and cellphone date costs down.

Move like this are what Brazil needs to lower consumer costs for cellphone data.

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Ingles Nativo

Ingles Nativo – For intermediate and advanced English speakers in Rio de Janeiro for looking to improve their English speaking capabilities, this English school is one of the only ones in Rio de Janeiro which provide instruction from 100% Native English Speaking Professors.

Not only are they 100% Native English speaking professors, but they also have been educated in the areas of education at the undergraduate and Masters levels from United States academic institutions  – Assist. de Bordo

For business professionals seeking to enhance their English presentations or acquire higher levels of assistance to ensure successful international business transactions, there is no better institution in the city.

Furthermore, this institution helps college students in their preparations for TOEFL Examinations, as well as GRE and various Company examinations to test applicants on their English Speaking Capabilities.

In closing, there are an abundance of English Schools in Rio de Janeiro, but there are very few that provide nativity English services for learners. Native English services make it much more simplistic, as well as decrease the time investment that learners have to invest to understand the English language.

Also, because the institutions professors are all 100% native speakers, learners will interact with the language in a more natural way then simply as if they only received such instruction from institutions in Brazil.

Asagai English Schools is a great resource for Executives requiring English language instruction.

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Financial Transaction Alert! – DO NOT USE XOOM TO SEND FUNDS TO BRAZIL!!!!

This post, is a Financial Transaction Alert! – DO NOT USE XOOM TO SEND FUNDS TO BRAZIL!!!!

Those that come to Brazil quite frequently, know that one of the major challenges for visiting the country or living within it is making international financial transactions.

Previously, we found a company (Xoom) that we thought we would recommend to you all quite highly after having enacted numerous financial transactions, however, we currently are in a financial transaction dispute that began on the 28th of December, 2014.

As previously stated, this transaction now has taken longer than a week. We will let the financial transaction dispute run its course, but it currently appears that someone is in acting in fraudulent activity. Because of this, we cannot recommend their services, at least until this situation is completely resolved.

Stay tuned, as we will create a further post to let everyone now what has ultimately happened regarding this Xoom transaction. We will let you all know if this resolved without a hassle, or if we have to alert further agencies.

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Brazil Bus Fair Increase

A Brazil Bus Fair Increase from R$3.00 to R$3.40 is due to take place on January 3rd, 2015. If everyone remembers the bus fare protest that took place about two years ago, increasing bus fares is a hot topic in Brazil. The reason we taking the time to create this post, is that for us the idea of raising bus fares during a time where globally, petroleum prices are at a 20-year low does not make sense.

The Mayor says these increases will be used for installing air conditioning systems in all of the city buses, However many of the fleet already have air conditioners installed. Furthermore, what happens after the air-conditioners are installed? Will the prices go back down? You know they won’t! Also, in Brazil bus leaves without air conditioners does not make sense. The city should have mandated that all bus owners install air conditioning systems in the entire fleet years ago! They should not be at the expense of the public. Furthermore, these are funds that should have been set aside when the city was planning to host the Olympic Games. Asking citizens to put up the money for this requirement is an outrage.

Furthermore, in places like Rio de Janeiro combi vans appear to be becoming outlawed by the mayor of the city. This is important, in that many normal citizens use these vans to get to other modes of transportation, or even as their main mode of transportation. Outlawing them, at a time when bus fares possibly maybe increasing means that they will have to pay more for their transportation, as well as walk to designated bus stops instead of simply being able to just walk outside and catch a van.

This situation is worth mentioning because the city of Rio de Janeiro just hosted the World Cup. and in one more year, it is due to host the Olympic Games as well. Actions such as these do not bode well at all for these events helping the average Brazilian. At a time when inflation and rising prices are at an all time high, we question deeply what the mayor and other government officials are doing in the city. As stated previously, it also makes individuals question what is going on knowing that global prices for oil have not been seen to be as low as they are in about 20 years.

In closing, not only should Brazilian citizens protest these actions, but they also should protest not for prices rising, but also to insist that the prices begin to lower! Oil prices have dropped dramatically around the world and it does not make sense that Brazilian should be paying more for transportation that derives itself from oil based products.

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Bargain Cafe In Rio de Janeiro

Looking for a Bargain Cafe In Rio de Janeiro? Given the high inflation that has become a major concern in Rio de Janeiro, one of the first questions that visitors ask, is where I can go to get a great meal at a great price? Over the last few months, we have discovered a place downtown in Rio de Janeiro called “Bela Café”  that offers tremendous value, and great food.

Bargain Food In Rio de Janeiro

Bargain Food In Rio de Janeiro

In the photos below, not only can you get a visual understanding of the cafe, but also included in the photos are GPS location data as well as Street data so that people looking for a great places in Rio, can quickly identify where this place is.

Due to the 2014 World Cup, and the 2016 Olympic Games that are due to take place, inflation in Rio de Janeiro has been quite high! However, there are still places that provide great prices and this is one of them.

We found this location because we are in the middle of opening another business venture in the same location. Because it’s downtown, it is in the central business district which is loaded with millions of people.

Because of this, the owners of the location do not need to make a tremendous amount of money off of the sale of a single item. In response, the location has had great success and many Brazilian are visiting the location more and more each day.

For individuals that look to visit Rio de Janeiro on a bargain, this is a great location! The type of products are pretty much breakfast and lunch items, as well as afternoon snacks. In the end, they sell great food, at great prices. The pricing of foods are something that we have not seen since 2001.

In the end, if you’re looking to visit Rio de Janeiro real soon, definitely make sure you check out this cafe. Its location is downtown, but it also is only a five minute walk from the new MAM Art Museum that the city of Rio de Janeiro constructed. If you are near looking for Cheap Food In Rio, this is you spot!

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Travel Medications To Bring Before You Go Overseas

With regard to travel medications to bring before you go overseas, this is something that travelers must take very seriously. Oftentimes, that they require if things go wrong and they do not.

For example, everyone wants to have a wonderful time in South America when traveling to Rio de Janeiro. However, if things go wrong you may require medications such as laxatives, medicine for flu or light medications to assist your body in getting to a very optimal situation.

Now this is not to overshadow the need of doctors as well as their specialties, but sometimes you understand that all you need is a light medication which you may know in English, but may have a very difficult time locating in another country in a foreign country in a language that is not native to you.

Always travel with medications that you know work in your body. Anticipate having a wonderful time on your trip, but also plan with regards to how to respond if things go wrong! What small things can you take with you on your trip to ensure that if you get sick, you can quickly recover.

For example, make sure you bring small things like benadryl, small medications for flu, as well as others like light laxatives help your body if you find yourself in the situation where you are constipated as your body is adjusting to the new environment.


In closing, we all plan to have the most amazing times on our vacations, but we can place our selves in a very serious predicament if we do not plan to have the requirements needed if things don’t go that well. There are simple things that we can do in the planning stages of our trips that can make bad experiences, not become horrible ones!

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Rio World Cup

Rio World Cup Activities for the 2014 World Cup are very well in play! The country is definitely ready for the 2014 World Cup to get underway, as the preparations for the World Cup have definitely had the City of Rio de Janeiro under an immense amount of gridlock and the delays.


Beira-Rio (Photo credit: Ander Vaz)

Even though the events are about to begin within the city, the traffic gridlock that are occurring in random areas are definitely most likely to get worse, before they get better. Whether it be in the city center, or even in outlaying suburban areas, the traffic gridlocks that are happening on the motorways are really discouraging many residents. While being discouraging to many residents, the native Brazilians are still in favor of their country winning the 2014 World Cup!

While there have been many protests in the city of Rio de Janeiro against the 2014 World Cup, events on the motorways, the lack of healthcare, the lack of education, the need for better urban planning and more mass transit and other city necessities are really making people question whether or not it was a good idea to go after these events.


Most Brazilians want Brazil to win the 2014 World Cup, many believe that the decision to host the Wold Cup in the country of Brazil was a bad idea! At end of the day when all the costs and interest payments are added up, many believe this amount will be too much to bear for the country.


Many are beginning to speculate that this would have been better spent in areas such as public education, public healthcare, and public transportation. Also, many Brazilians were promised that there would be a highway from the city of São Paulo, connecting to the city of Rio de Janeiro.


This awesome idea was thrown out, and many Brazilian citizens wonder what they will end up getting at the end of the day for all the expense that we will spend the next 20 to 30 years paying for. The infrastructure investments that they were promised years ago, have never come to be! The only thing that it appears that these events have brought, are new stadiums. When these events are over, these will just be “white elephants”.

Anyway, for those of you that are coming down, you will certainly need a schedule of where to go to see the football matches. Here is a DOWNLOADABLE PDF file that has all the listed games 2014 World Cup Matches. CLICK HERE!

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Portuguese For Tourists

For many, our language course “Portuguese For Tourists” is a necessary concept. Those are the visiting places like Brazil need to be somewhat knowledgeable, of the language of Portuguese. Given that most tourist never use the language again and, it is not something that they need to learn comprehensively.

Foto da minha viagem de helicóptero pelo Rio.

Foto da minha viagem de helicóptero pelo Rio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Portuguese For Tourists courses provide easy to acquire concepts of the language of Portuguese. It provides learners with the exact knowledge that they need in order to visit places like Brazil. Having these quick to lear concepts, insures that visitors have a wonderful time. Whether visitors are visiting Rio de Janeiro to enjoy Carnival, New Year’s Eve in Rio on the beach, the 2014 World Cup, or the 2016 Olympic Games, they will be in a better position to have a great time having this language and knowledge.

Our Portuguese For Tourists classes provide in-depth knowledge of what to do if one is lost, how to order food in restaurants or bars, what to do in health emergencies, as well as a multitude of greater detailed knowledge that can help first-time visitors to places like Brazil, have an amazing time.

One thing that we have learned over the years, is that tourists language concepts in Portuguese is if visitors Portuguese Language Capacities are not at a certain level, they will have a horrible time visiting the country. Visitors have to understand some concepts of Portuguese in order to have a great time.

Portuguese Lessons For Tourists 

One program that we have created, is a Portuguese Language Series For Tourists. This language series was created to assist visitors and tourists that come to Brazil from the United States, Europe, or other English speaking countries.  This program has been designed to provide visitors with enough detailed Portuguese knowledge, to get around in places like Brazil. It is a Portuguese For Tourists course, that provides visitors with the exact language needs to not only get around in Brazil, but you have an amazing time as well!

For more info on Portuguese Lessons For Tourists, please send an email now! CLICK HERE


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Learn English and Portuguese Online

One of the things that we are always asked about by visitors of our site, are ways that they can learn the English Language, and learn the Portuguese Language as well.

Give the joy of learning English to a friend

Give the joy of learning English to a friend (Photo credit: italki)

Needless to say, given the city of Rio de Janeiro will lose the World Cup this year, and also host the Olympic Games in 2016 visitors that are planning on coming to the city definitely want to brush up on their language skills.


Regarding visitors that are seeking knowledge of how to broaden and maintain their English skills, we have created a website ( through which Brazilians can contact us and set up one-on-one English Tutoring lessons, or can be contacted and use our Tutoring Online Services via Skype.


As far as payments are concerned, we use various Online Payment Services to make it secure, safe, fast and easy for users to pay for our services from the comfort of your own home, or wherever they are in the world.


Also, we provide a 15 Minute Consultation service online via Skype so that users can understand more of the level of services that we offer. For example, some users need more help with subjects such as Business English, others need more help with simple English Conversation and correct English Pronunciation of words and phrases.


Furthermore, users can pick times that work for them regarding the structure of lessons. Today, with the advances in broadband Internet technologies, there’s never been a more easier time to Learn English or Portuguese for those that desire to do so. Our services comprehensive and broad-based so that userswalk away tools that they can use as a begin to interact deeper with English, or Portuguese.


In closing, we work with individuals, groups, and companies seeking to gain better working knowledge with English, as well as with Portuguese. We provide services for Business Clients, Tourists, Students, as well as offer services to help Children Learn English.
Learn English and Portuguese Online Today!

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Just In Case Someone From Rio de Janeiro Government Is Listening

I write these words as a concerned citizen of the world, and a Permanent Resident of Rio de Janeiro from the United States.  I also have a background in the urban planning, and have virtually finished MBA studies from a university in the United States. Before my graduate studies, I also owned a restaurant in Copacabana for 5 years. There, I had a client that repeatedly visited the city of Rio de Janeiro and I must state, that most of those previous clients have not been to the city in  years.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro (Photo credit: José e Marina)

The demographics of my previous clients are extremely interesting. Most of them are highly educated, and come from middle class or upper middle class backgrounds. They love the city of Rio de Janeiro but many of them have not been to the city in years. See, it is not because they cannot afford to pay the cost to be in the city, but because the city is not worth he cost that inflation has made it. The dramatic increases in inflation are not natural, and anyone coming from other international cities around the world can clearly see this.

Rio Is Too Expensive!

With regard to 2014 World Cup preparations and making this city ready for the 2016 Olympic Games, these are issues that in our opinion, will keep people in their homes rather than in the streets of the city.

Don’t forget, in many cities around the world, people are still in an enormous economic decline. In Brazil, credit availability is exploding, but this is not a reality for cities around the world.

We bring attention to this, because it appears the government is not doing anything to deter these inflationary pressures. If it is serious about hosting the Olympic Events that it is planning in 2016, as well as the World Cup later on this year, it is going to have to make drastic changes.

If inflation continues to explode as it is, the events will be taking place, but they’re will not be international visitors viewing them from inside the city. Prices to visit the city, prices to get around in the city, the cost to stay in the city as well as the cost to eat in it are simply too high!

Don’t get us wrong, We Love Rio! However, the city cost more to enjoy then it would be to enjoy New York City. Furthermore, we think that many people outside and inside the government are simply looking at the events of the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Rio is a beautiful place, and if the city plays its cards right, people will come back. But, with prices as high as they are, this will be a one shot deal!

In closing, the city cannot afford for this to be a one shot deal. Once all these major international events are over, the city will have to deal with paying back all of the money, plus the interest. With tourists visiting the city, this could be easily done, but if they never come back because costs are too high, it will be very difficult for Rio. This has all been stated, Just In Case Someone From Rio de Janeiro Government Is Listening.

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