Tips & Tricks To Help You Have A Great Time In Rio de Janeiro

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Photo montage of the city of Rio de Janeiro, B...

Photo montage of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From the top, left to right: Christ the Redeemer, Rio–Niterói bridge, Downtown from the Guanabara Bay, Maracanã Stadium, Sugarloaf cable car, the pavement of Copacabana Beach, and panorama of the city taken from Corcovado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here’s a quick list of a few great things that you can do in the city of Rio de Janeiro. For anyone making a quick trip to Rio, this list should give you a great interaction with the city, and ensure that you have a great time when you visit here. People are always asking for info on, “Tips & Tricks To Help You Have A Great Time In Rio de Janeiro “, than this list should help answer that question.

What To Do TONIGHT!! – Go To Carioca de Gema
If you’re into Brazilian music, then this is definitely one of the best places to go on the planet! You can’t visit Rio de Janeiro, and love music and not see this place. There are always live bands and singers in this AWESOME place. If you go, you’ll want to get there around 9 o’clock. This location has food, beer, and other drinks and foods as well.


What To Do During The Day In Rio de Janeiro – Rio Beach


One of the things of visitors to Rio de Janeiro want to take part in, is a beautiful beach landscape that exists in the city. The cities beaches are spectacular, and visitors will rarely engage in resting upon more beautiful places in the world. Regardless if a person is visiting in Ipanema or Copacabana, either location has miles of beautiful and free beaches. One of the benefits of visiting the beaches on Sundays, is the roads in front of them they make “walkable”.


To Visit The Ipanema or Copacabana Beach is always an enjoyable activity, but the fact that they make the roads in front of the beach absent of cars makes the whole entire experience all that more real.


Vist Pao de Acucar – Visit Sugarloaf Mountain
If one is visiting Rio de Janeiro, one cannot miss this beautiful destination. This mountain in the city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s best-known locations for visitors that have ever been to Rio de Janeiro. It is almost as if, everyone knows this mountain. For those that visit the city, it’s almost as if it is a gateway into an experience that they never will forget.


The views from the mountain provide a spectacular landscape of the area, but also at the base of the mountain has monkeys that swing from trees. Though they will hate me for saying this, but don’t feed them bananas.


Visit Corcovado
This is another location that has spectacular views. In fact, in your authors opinion this location has the best views in the city to be found. Not only will you meet other tourists and other visitors to the city, but you may run into actors, movie stars, singers, and many other well-known individuals too.


Lately, everyone is flooding into Rio de Janeiro, and this is definitely one location that they all want to see. The views are amazing, there’s a train ride that goes to the top, as well as the ability for you to take a van if you would like something more private. Whichever way you choose to get to the top, you certainly will not be disappointed. This is an “must-see” if you visit the city of Rio de Janeiro!


Sunday Morning Copacabana Outdoor Market (till 1pm) 
For those that desire to see what it normally is like to live in Rio de Janeiro, on Sunday morning one can visit the Farmers Market. Many people love to purchase local produce and cook their own foods versus always shopping and buying dishes in restaurants. Not only does one have a chance to purchase their own raw produce that they can use to make their own foods, but Brazil has a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits that cannot be found in any other area around the world, and these markets are great places to find them.


Also on Sundays, is this amazing Hippie Fair that begins in the morning around 9 o’clock, and will last about 4 PM. Do not be fooled, you were fine arts and crafts and handmade item that you will not find in any other location around the world. If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir or someone, or looking for some memorabilia for yourself this is certainly the place to purchase it.


Lapa On Friday & Saturday Nights
For those that would like something to do at night in Rio de Janeiro, this sector of the city should not be missed. Lapa is amazing, and it has a tremendous nightlife. It normally is a place that has thousands on the street on Friday nights, but Saturday nights are happening nights too. There are restaurants, bars, cafes, street-food, clubs, and many other types of nightlife destinations as well. This is the downtown business sector of the city, and any taxicab driver will know how to get there.


Visit St.Teresa
This are sits right above Lapa, and right below Corcovado. If you’re looking for a quiet romantic place for lunch, brunch, or even breakfast as well this is certainly the place to go. This is an old sector of the city, and you will know what immediately. It is beautiful, and amazing to spend time in. It comes highly recommended, and it is one of your authors favorite destinations as well.
As far as other things that you can do, here is an additional quick list below:
Boat Ride To Niteroi
Shopping Rio Sul
Rio’s Museums 
Late Night Appetizers On The Beach
Columbo Cafe In Downtown Rio
Tips & Tricks To Help You Have A Great Time In Rio de Janeiro
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