Top Ten Things To Do When Visiting Rio de Janeiro For Carnival

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Top Ten Things To Do When Visiting Rio de Janeiro For Carnival

When visiting Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, there are a few things that every visitor must do. This list will help visitors have a list of activities that they should look to do before getting on the ground, as well as provide direction for them to follow for when they actually do get on the ground in “The Marvelous City“.

Carnaval - Rio de Janeiro - 31

Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro – 31 (Photo credit: Marcus Correa)

1. Go to the Sambadrome during Carnival and watch the Samba schools for the night compete. The experience will be spectacular, and the night will be guaranteed to be one the most marvelous events in your life. Brazilians certainly love to show skin during Carnival, and you will without a doubt get your eyes mesmerize with all the skin that will be shown in front of you. If you are timid, don’t go!


2. Make sure you take the time to visit the “Christ Statue” on top of the mountain, Corcavado. Regardless of what religion you are, the views of the city from that point of heights are unforgettable! Make sure you bring your camera, and have a great time.



3. For those that will be residing in Copacabana this will be very easy. Every Sunday there is a Farmers Market on Avenida Copacabana at the intersection of Siqueira Campos.  Make sure you take the chance to visit at market and buy some of the extraordinary items. If you’re into fresh flowers, you will find an enormous assortment. For many visitors that enjoy cooking their own foods while on vacation, this is the place to buy a lot of fresh vegetables and produce that come straight from the source. The markets hours are from 8am to 2pm.


4. Sugarloaf Mt. is simply extraordinary. As you driving in from the airport to most what most likely will be Copacabana or Ipanema, you will pass this area and it’s beauty will simply place you in a moment of awe! You definitely should take the time to visit the mountain not only for its extraordinary views, but it’s peacefulness and tranquility as well.


5. For partygoers, Rio de Janeiro has a number of areas that are great for you too. Every Friday night starting at about 9 PM lasting until about four or five in the morning, the area known as the Lapa District should be visited. This is the place where everyone parties, and it’s only open on Friday nights! On other nights of the week you may find individuals there, but it certainly will not be like it is on a Friday night.


6. Carnival is a time when various samba schools in the city compete to see who’s the best. Well during the time that you come down, make sure you visit a samba school too! On Saturday nights before the actual event of Carnival, the schools will be packed to capacity! To give you an understanding, a school can host as many as 5000 people before the event itself. You should definitely visit a samba school if you’re in the city.


7. Take the Trolley up and have lunch at a restaurant in the district of Santa Teresa. This is the district located just above the Lapa, and right below the “Christ Statue“


8. Pick a night and sit out on the beach in front of the ocean and have small appetizers and drinks at a kiosk. These kiosks are on Avenida Atlantica.


9. On the same street that you will sit out and have drinks and appetizers at a kiosk, on a Sunday mornings they block off the entire Avenue and the whole street is walkable. Thousands of people enjoying the views and people watch all day long. This is a great time to meet other visitors, as well as meet and converse with locals as well.


10. Catch a local carrier airline like GOL, and  visit Sao Paulo for a day or two. Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, and is certainly vibrant and exciting. For visitors, it offers a wealth of exciting activities to do, and many great experiences to have.

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Top Ten Things To Do When Visiting Rio de Janeiro For Carnival
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