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Looking for the best in Travel Tech, well the Galaxy S5 Smartphone ushers in a wave of new advances and technological changes over the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

For visitors and travelers to other countries, we believe that the Galaxy S5 while not being and “knock out of the park” device over the Galaxy S4’s, does have one feature that we believe makes it stand out in front of all smart phone makers including Apple’s iPhone 5. The Galaxy S5’s Water Resistant Design is a major technological advancement in the area of smart phone design.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 to focus on what mat...

Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 to focus on what matters most to consumers (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)

This focus on providing a smart phone that is not only water resistant, but also rugged in nature answers the call to what many people have been desiring for in a smartphone for years. The desire of Samsung to try and make the device “unbreakable” speaks volumes about adding value to current customers, as well as providing new levels of enhanced value for individuals sitting on the side-lines hoping that Apple does something similar in the new version of the greatly anticipated iPhone 6.


At this stage in the game, cell phone manufacturers are already providing some of the greatest advancements in camera lens, megapixel camera sizes, wireless transmission technology, as well as with doing so and greatly diminished slim designs that make carrying the devices very easy for owners to do. One of the things that travelers have to do when handling such powerful devices, is be in the position to take brilliant pictures wherever they are, as well as to have the devices not be easily seen by others that may seek to steal them. Samsung’s new device definitely provides a rugged design, enhances camera pixel density for capturing brilliant photographs as well as provides the amazing quality and high standards that millions have come to rely upon due to the enormous success of the Galaxy S4.


In closing, we believe the Fingerprint Scanner Technology which is included in the Galaxy S5 is extraordinary and revolutionary, but we believe even greater so for the everyday average user, is its new Water Resistant Design that we believe is going to shake up the entire smart phone industry. Even when Apple finally reveals the iPhone 6, it is definitely going to have to include this type of feature if it is to remain relevant in this new changing industry. This is simply a feature that now because it is revealed, customers will no longer do it now!

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