What To Do In Rio de Janeiro

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What to do in Rio de Janeiro, well if it Sunday you better get close to a group because Sundays are very important days in Rio de Janeiro. They represent a very special time to spend with families, love ones, and other individuals that you really cherish, love, and adore.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Deutsch: Karneval ...

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Deutsch: Karneval in Rio de Janeiro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today for example it is a cloudy, overcast, and quite chilly day for Rio de Janeiro. The temperature is about 60° and for people that are from this area, it represents a cold day. However, people will still flock together and spent with their love ones in the Barra Shopping Mall, the Rio Sul Mall, in the Rio State Museum, or simply at the movies. The point being, is that Brazilians are very family oriented people. The society really embraces their family structure and normally does anything that can to augment and grow the glue that binds their family structure together.

This is a very important point in understanding the way, Brazilians think. Many followers of this site have mentioned that they really would like to have a life in Brazil. This is a wonderful and I sincerely hope that many of you have the opportunity to have this life, however, make sure that you are individuals that enjoy embracing family.

Family structure in Brazil is everything, and many people that are not from societies that embrace families have a difficult time embracing Brazil. On Sundays when family spend time together, one might normally see a family not only with loving the adults, but with loving children as well. Go to a party for example, and one will also see not only celebrating adults, but one will see children and babies and loved ones in there 90’s as well.

Family is family, and no one is left out! Understanding this love of family will help those that are seeking to truly have lives in Brazil, quickly get adjusted and quickly embrace the Carioca way!

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What To Do In Rio de Janeiro
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