World Cup In Rio de Janeiro

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English: Joseph Blatter announcing 2014 World ...

English: Joseph Blatter announcing 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil. 한국어: FIFA 회장인 제프 블래터가 2014년 FIFA 월드컵이 브라질에서 개최됨을 표시하고 있다. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World Cup In Rio de Janeiro

Currently, it is the beginning of 2014 and building and development for the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro is pressing forward quite rapidly.

Anyone coming to the city, will see development occurring everywhere.The development that is occurring is not only for the 2014 World Cup, but is also for the 2016 preparations of the Olympic Games that are to take place in Rio de Janeiro as well. While city preparations appear to be quite pervasive, much of the preparations in Rio de Janeiro are certainly not occurring fast enough for FIFA.

As much of the world is currently aware of, less than one year ago Brazil staged some of the world’s largest protest against FIFA in events that lead more than 1 million Brazilians protesting against the World Cup all over Brazil. Common fears are not so much about Brazil’s ability to stage the World Cup or the Olympic Games, but what will occur in the country when these events have passed. When the events have pasted, the country must pay for the high cost of hosting these events.

As many people ask the question regarding the, World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, many people cannot ask questions about it without remembering large mass demonstrations that occurred because of it within the country of Brazil. For many Brazilians, the preparations for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games are causing a massive inflationary pressures within Brazil. Prices for common items all throughout the country are skyrocketing!

For many, though there have been many setbacks in preparation for these events, the fear from many inside of Brazil is not the country’s ability to prepare for the events, but it is the ability of the country citizens to deal with inflation that is beginning to be unbearable.

Inflationary pressures because of these events have become a big deal for citizens inside of Brazil. For the organizations that host the World Cup and Olympic games, staging these events inside Brazil will be a test to see if other countries can stage them around the worldwith the same success as the United States, Europe, or even that of China.

World Cup In Rio de Janeiro
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